Tips For Creating An Environmentally

Several companies, such as Tide, make eco-friendly cold water detergents. If your laundry has tough or frequent stains, these could be a good option to help your clothes get clean even in cold water. Many things we throw away on a daily basis can be composted instead. Coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peels, eggshells, even napkins and paper towels can be recycled to produce compost, which is great for gardens. If your budget won’t allow for replacing older, inefficient windows, insulating them can be a good option to make your home more energy efficient.

how to make your home environmentally friendly

Habitat for Humanity is one such retailer, but there are many across the country, some even specialize how to make your home more environmentally friendly in high-end products. This can be a great and cost-effective way to redo your home.

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Antique shops and consignment shops are great places to visit for items such as doorknobs, light fixtures and even mantels. Not only does this help your bottom line, but these repurposed items will add a charm and warmth to your home that simply cannot be replicated by their newer counterparts.

how to make your home environmentally friendly

Sewing on a button is a simple skill that everyone should have. There are lots of online tutorials; try one by the environmental activist Wilson Oryema for Fashion Revolution. Some fabrics age better than others; the Guardian’s styling editor, Melanie Wilkinson, recommends looking for leather when shopping secondhand. Leather jackets, shoes and belts last for years and often look and feel better once they have been worn in. The environmental impact of denim – another durable fabric – means jeans are also best bought secondhand.

Proper Insulation

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how to make your home environmentally friendly

Plastic has been a genius invention and has revolutionised modern-day living but we all know that it’s not good for the environment – both its production and disposal are highly problematic. Generally this is about making more sustainable choices and eco-friendly swaps. According to the Soil Association, food choice is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your environmental footprint. It’s all about thinking of the journey from farm to fork. The less time it takes for your food to get from the ground to your dinner table, the better. It will help your home play a positive role in the environment rather than contribute to destroying and degrading it. These are perhaps less well-known but just as important if we are to see a cultural, society wide change towards a greener way of living.

Pass On Paper Towels

The collected water can then be used for other purposes, such as toilets and sprinkler systems. Rain barrels are one of the most common methods of rainwater harvestingbeing used today. While in the long run, going green will save you lots Sober living houses of money, the initial renovations needed to go green can sometimes be costly. Consider obtaining a home equity line of credit to finance your green home endeavors. Another way to be responsible is to think about how you are using water.

how to make your home environmentally friendly

A 5-2 model lets you set a weekday program and a weekend program. If your schedule is particularly finicky, you can purchase a seven-day model that allows for a unique program each day of the week. You can purchase a seven-day programmable thermostat for as little as $40. Hailey is a recent graduate with a degree in Journalism. Now that she isn’t face first in books she is trying to travel as much as she can. She writes in her free time between fixing up her new house and teaching people how to live a longer, healthier life.

Light Up The House With Leds

Even more than that, you create a healthier environment for yourself, your family and pets. Living a natural lifestyle brings so many benefits to body, mind, and spirit — and there are so many things we can do to make the shift. Many are simple, small changes that can be done anywhere, such as switching to natural body care and cleaning products, or using reusable bags and water bottles.

  • How many shirts and jackets do you keep unworn at the back of your wardrobe because they are missing a button?
  • One of the least energy-efficient types of lighting is an incandescent light bulb.
  • In addition, using paints and plywoods that don’t have harmful chemicals can help a home last longer.
  • Skylights and solar panels are known to keep energy costs down.
  • You can help with the water issue and create an environmentally friendly home by making sure you’re only using the water you need.
  • They can be used to heat, or help heat a home, and often give enough power for small items like fountains to run.

For example, Parvest Aqua and RobecoSam Sustainable Water are recommended by ethical financial website But solar panels and temperature-regulating walls aren’t the only ways to help your household adopt more eco-friendly practices. There are a ton of easy — and fun — ways to conserve energy. And if you’re too lazy to physically turn off the light switch, you can always invest insmart lights that respond to audio commands. “The production, processing, and consumption of commodities requires the extraction and use of natural resources ,” Robbins wrote.

Breaking Energy

Better yet, make your own cleaning products with natural ingredients like baking soda, white vinegar and natural soaps. You can also add essential oils to get any special scent you would like. Get green by installing a programmable thermostat to monitor your cooling and heating systems. A thermostat can reduce the cost of your utility bill and make your home more eco-friendly at the same time. With many panels, surplus energy can be transferred to a battery and stored for later use. Installing solar panels can reduce your home’s carbon footprint, on average, by 35,180 pounds. That’s equivalent to the carbon dioxide absorbed by 88 trees.

You don’t have to give up paper towels completely, but it’s best to use them sparingly. Standard bulbs emit a lot of heat, which means your air conditioner has to run harder in the summer to compensate.

Use Natural Beauty Products

These units do require electricity to power the lights, but they can be placed virtually anywhere in your home and can grow vegetables including greens, herbs, tomatoes, peas, cucumbers and green beans. If you have the outdoor space for one, put in an outdoor garden.

how to make your home environmentally friendly

It is also helpful if the site can also produce a graph or tally that can demonstrate what your house’s potential could be after making some minor changes. In some locations, you can even sell surplus solar energy to the local power grid. Motion-sensing lights are quite common outdoors, such as near garages or walkways. However, you can also install inexpensive motion sensors indoors. These will turn the lights on when you enter, and off when you leave a room.

The simplest way to cut down this cost and reduce the electricity bill is to install a programmable thermostat. Your HVAC system will work when the thermostat reaches the designated temperature. Also, a slight 3-5 % of your energy bill can be saved if you can set your thermostat 1 degree down in the winter and up by 1 degree in the summer. Low flow faucets, toilets, showerheads are a few of the ways that you can use while building a green home toconserve water.

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